About Us

About Us

Rethinking Education was founded at a Conference in London on March 5th, 2005.

Christine Blower addresses the Conference on March 5th
Click here for a full report of the conference

We are a collective of people who teach or support students across all sectors of educational provision, mainly in the UK.

We share a commitment to:

  • publicly funded, comprehensive systems of education accessible to all ages
  • curricula based on how students learn, and what they wish to learn, rather than the needs of industry
  • a politics of global, social justice

We have been inspired by:

  • The US-based collective Rethinking Schools , especially its fusion of practical classroom strategies with a global justice ideology
  • The growth of both the World Social Forum and European Social Forum movements
  • The energy and successes of the Stop the War Coalition in the UK, especially the part played by students in leading protests

We seek to:

  • provide a network and forum for event listings, research and teaching ideas which challenge the status quo by working with trade unions, political groups and parties, international and community groups on matters of educational theory and practice
  • resist the prevailing neo-liberal model of educational provision

This website is the initial fruit of our labours. It is currently being moderated by Jon Berry. Please send news, teaching resources,articles, photographs and – above all – examples of innovative practices to: information@rethinkinged.org.uk or nutjon@aol.com

Given the many work, family, social and political commitments we all have on our time, we do not expect to meet that often.

However, it is reasonable to expect that we will hold another conference before the end of 2005 at which some attention will be paid to organisational questions.

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