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Home Schooling – Is it the Right Choice For You And Your Child?

Homeschooling your child can be another option to public and private schools. Some public schools aren’t quite what parents like and many private schools are very expensive. For some families, homeschooling works better for them. It has to be a mutual decision between the caregiver and the child though for it to work smoothly.

There are many ways to homeschool a child. Many school districts have lists of ways you can provide a child with a well balanced homeschooling curriculum. Cyber charter homeschools are the wave of the future.

These are schools that you do entirely at home. Many of these programs are completely online. In one program, the child would log onto the computer at a given time each day and have an actual teacher and students in their class to interact with. It is basically a virtual school.

The students can ask questions and answer questions through typing or a microphone that they are given. All necessary supplies are given to the child for free. The laptop, printer, books and supplies are included, as is payment for high speed internet service each month.

Some programs also give an allowance for an extra curricular activity as well. Cyber charter homeschools are turning up everywhere. With all the recent violence in our public schools, fighting and shootings, these schools are a safer alternative with the same type of curriculum.

Another homeschooling option is a distance learning program that is offered through a private school. There aren’t too many of these out there but if you do enough searching, I am sure you will find one nearby.

These programs are usually found through private schools and they give you all the needed supplies to succeed in teaching your child at their own pace at home. There is usually a fee to this type of homeschooling to cover supplies.

You can also use a regular homeschooling method of just teaching your child at home with no added help as there is with the distance learning and cyber charter programs.

You get to pick the curriculum and you pay for all of your own supplies. Many people like this method since they are in total control of their child’s education. There are still certified teachers that can give you assistance through the school district that you reside in if needed.

Many people are turning to homeschooling with the wave of school issues that have been escalating throughout the past few years. The fear of sending your children to schools that you feel may not teach as well as they should or that aren’t as safe or monitored as you would like is what is fueling the comeback of homeschooling.

Homeschooling is more popular in some areas than others. Many states have rules mandating homeschooling. Most states do require that you contact your school district and follow the school districts policies.

There usually aren’t too many rules to follow and it is generally easy to get started. Depending on which way you decide to homeschool, it can be fairly inexpensive or even free.

A lot of people think that if you homeschool a child, that they will be lacking socialization skills and time. This does not have to be the case. Many states have homeschooling groups and field trips that meet a few times a month. The cyber charter school reimburses a certain fee for outside activities to encourage the extra socialization.

Taking a karate class or a dance class would be great socialization as well as fulfill the physical education requirements all at the same time.

One thing that many people do not even realize is if you homeschool your child and they want to try out for the school districts extra curricular activities such as cheerleading, football or the school play, they have the right to.

So you can homeschool and still send them to the school for after school activities which also helps with the lack of socialization.

If you are interested in homeschooling, do a little research. You need to make sure what the rules are for your area and how to go about doing it the correct way. The school district that you reside in is a great starting place and they can tell you all you need to know or direct you to the correct people.

You can make homeschooling a family event and since it is very flexible, both parents can have a hand in their child’s education. Mom can homeschool for a few hours in the morning while dad is at work and then dad can do a few hours at night or on the weekends to supplement.

It is not structured like public and private schools are so it gives so much more to the child’s education.

You are in charge of the pace as is your child. Sometimes in school, one child is behind the rest and suffers since they need some added attention that the teacher just cannot give.

This is just one of the many reasons that homeschooling can work for some families. Homeschooling does not work for every family though. This is an individualized decision. It should be a mutual decision between parents and children to work the best.

If you decide to homeschool, good luck and enjoy the experience. Enjoy the added family time that will be spent. Try to incorporate every day activities such as chores, grocery shopping and cooking meals into the homeschooling day.

Children learn by example so set a good example. Make sure that your child has ample socialization activities as well. Playdates, structured physical classes and even trips to the local library all count.

These are the next generation. We have to ensure that they stay safe and are educated. As parents, we have the power to do that, with a little help from some outside sources.

My ten year old daughter has been in public schools since pre-K and is now just finishing up fifth grade. She will be entering junior high school next year.

The area that we live in does not have the best junior high, as is the case in many areas in the US lately. There is a lot of school violence, in school as well as in the bus and at the bus stop after school.

The lack of supervision is another problem. I also feel that there isn’t enough individualized attention being given when a student needs it.

I have decided after doing a lot of research on the school, to use the cyber charter homeschool program for her for sixth grade. I think that she will benefit greatly from the individualized attention and pace.

She has been in the gifted program in school since second grade so there are times that if she is ahead of where the teacher is teaching the rest of the class, she will get bored and in turn start to wander away from paying attention. We have had many attention issues as well so I feel that doing this at least one year may put her attention issues back on track.

Keeping her out of this school will put my mind at ease on a daily basis too. We are trying to sell our house and move to a better school district so she will be attending school once again in one to two years.

She is on board for this and actually a little excited. She doesn’t have to wake up early and start her day off immediately. She doesn’t have to worry about hours of extensive homework either.

She will be attending dance classes as well as trying out for the school play so she will be getting just as much socialization as she would be in school. Plus, she will still be a girl scout. She will see her friends just as much as she does now.

We are both have a little fear of the unknown but are excited to see how it works out. I am excited to have a hand in my child’s learning and to have her home a little more often before she becomes a teenager and starts to go out more.

You only get one childhood with each child. You should make the most of it and follow your heart. I hope it works out but if it doesn’t, she can always go back to public school.

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