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Homeschool for Kindergarten

Homeschooling for kindergarten surprisingly stirs up a lot of controversy. Apparently, parents who have been responsible for the education of their children for the first five years of their lives are suddenly woefully incompetent. Granted, some have been incompetent from day one, but others continue to do a great job of parenting.

Socialization seems to creep up as the main reason to send our five-year-old children to school. Many people believe that while a parent is not capable of teaching coping skills to a child because another five-year-old child can teach it simply and efficiently by pushing them into the nearest chair. Then, the child who has been pushed can learn that they are not supposed to tattle.

Many people believe that a parent cannot possibly teach their children how to cope with people who are different within the homeschool environment. Some misunderstood assumption is that homeschooled children are locked within the walls of their house and the confines of their yard for the entire school day.

Oh, wait. No, it’s the public school kids who are locked up all day in the confines of the classroom and schoolyard. Occasionally, teachers go to great lengths to organize a field trip and gather several parents to help monitor the perfectly socialized and well-behaved children.

Many people believe that a parent cannot possibly teach their child to read. Some kids come to school reading. Those kids are expected to sit by and wait while the other 22 kids catch up.

Teachers will say that they diversify for those students who are ahead, but for most of them, that is their best intention, not their reality. It is simply impossible for one teacher to diversify to suit the needs of all 22 students in his/her class. They can try to get close, but one-on-one instruction will always be more efficient.

Parents who choose to homeschool well and for the right reasons are indeed trying to do the best for their children. Public schools are not bad places; teachers just have too many demands placed on them. Teachers cannot be expected to be everything to every child in 7 hours a day no matter how badly they want to be.

If you are considering homeschooling your child for kindergarten, there are many resources available for free on the Internet. The library is an excellent resource too. Some of the excellent sites are: www.starfall.com, www.enchantedlearning.com, www.homeschoolshare.com, www.kidzone.ws, www.bookadventure.com and http://www.worldbook.com/wb/Students?curriculum/kindergarten.

Familiarize yourself with your state’s standards for kindergarten and get started. You are doing a great thing for your child. You will both have memories of this time that will last a lifetime. Have fun!

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