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The Benefits of Online Education for Homeschoolers

The popularity of online education is rapidly growing. The educational flexibility and options available through the internet are numerous. This has important implications for homeschooling. What are some specific benefits of online education for homeschoolers?

Online education opens up a world of options to the homeschooler. Classes in every conceivable class are offered through online schools. Classes in math, science, history, literature, and language arts are easy to find. Perhaps a homeschooling mom feels comfortable teaching physics but not literature.

Supplementing the family’s curriculum with a few online classes can increase the effectiveness of the homeschool. Perhaps a family wishes to homeschool but feels uncomfortable teaching any material. In such a case, a child’s entire education could potentially consist of online classes.

What about flexibility? Often, families choose to homeschool in order to escape the rigidity of traditional school schedules. Do online classes create the same scheduling issues? Online classes are offered with varying degrees of flexibility.

Some online classes are entirely taught through correspondence, providing the homeschooling student with complete flexibility. Other online classes meet online for a few hours each week. Parents should carefully research their options in order to maximize the benefit of online education for their children.

Where does one begin? A simple search of “Online classes for homeschoolers” produces 298,000 results on Google. A search of “Online classes for Christian homeschoolers” produces 858,000 results on Google. Ask other homeschoolers about online classes they have taken. Call the online schools with specific questions. Clearly, the options are out there. Only a little research is required.

How challenging is the material taught online? The degrees of difficulty are as various as the options available. Online classes can be geared for the slow leaner. However, many classes are specifically designed for the excelling student.

AP classes and classes in advanced subjects abound. Online education is perhaps especially beneficial for academically competitive students because of the degree of independent drive that online education demands.

What are some examples of the online options available? Scholars Online (www.scholarsonline.org) is a program that provides a variety of challenging courses for Christian students. Calvert School (www.calvertschool.org ) provides, in addition to other resource, online educational options for middle-school students.

Regina Coeli Online Academy (www.reginacoeli.org) provides courses in an array of subjects geared toward the Catholic homeschooler. These are just a tiny sampling of the options available.

Online education is an increasingly large market. Numerous homeschoolers have begun to reap the benefits of the educational possibilities of the internet. As with anything, hasty choices about online education can result in wasted money, time, and effort. However, with a little research and wisdom, informed parents can utilize the internet to enhance their children’s education in numerous ways.


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