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A Women’s Guide to Working Out of Your Home

Working at home has it’s many benefits and finding the right jobs can be very rewarding in the end. There are a lot of women who would love to work out of their homes but have not found the right opportunities or are having trouble finding the right job.

Here are a few things that I have tried with success, that have helped me to rake in the money and still be able to have the extra time with my family that a regular job may have not let me have.

I am a work at home mom. I chose to be one because having the large family that we have, meant that child-care could be rather costly. I did do a few things from home to get some more money rolling into our lives.

The first thing I did was find jobs on the Internet. Now, this will not work if you don’t have the Internet at home or at least have access to the Internet.

Finding work at home jobs online is a lot easier than a lot of people believe it to be. Be aware that there are also a lot of scammers and I would not rely on their testimonies that are directly on their site.

The best way to find out if a job is for real, check with the Better Business Bureau or look around for people who have worked with them for a while.

I would consider someone who has been with them for at least a month. Blogs are a great way to do a search on company testimonials and most bloggers will tell you a little bit about the benefits and the downfall of working for that company.

Blogging is also a profitable way to make money but a lot of companies will not accept you until you have had your blog up for 90 days. I said some because their are companies like sponsored reviews that will allow you to still write post and get paid even before you have reached the 90 day mark. In order to find jobs like this, do a Google search on paid to post and you should find some blogging jobs this way.

I also went through all of our things and had a huge yard-sale. The best time to do this, right before school starts. This is the time that a lot of parents are looking for clothes and school stuff.

I made over $300 at my last yard-sale. I sold everything for around $.50 a piece and the most costly thing was $20. If you are going to have a yard-sale, do it right and price your stuff according to what you would pay for it at a yard-sale.

Being a work at home mom, has it’s many benefits like being able to work whenever I want too. With more free time on my hands, I started a car pool for working parents. I understand the frustration of having to juggle a family between work and your kid’s activities.

The car-pool was set up so that parents could pay me a weekly amount to take their kids back and forth to their activities. This worked out great, I got a little extra money and the parents were relieved from the stress that was caused from having to figure out a way to get their children back and forth.

Babysitting can also be a great way to make money. I usually charge around $10 a day per child. This is so that it is still cheaper than paying a professional day-care. I only watch three children per day because of the laws and you would need to check on your laws to see what they say about babysitting.

If you have a specialty like making tamales, then do it and sell them. I don’t do this myself but I have a friend who makes things like cookies, tamales, tacos, and burritos.

She sells them at a reasonable price and does this by going door to door. There may also be laws against doing this in your area so check with it to be sure. I once helped her do a tamale sell and we profited $200 in one day. We sold them at a dozen for $10.

Writing is another favorite job that I do from home. I love to write and you don’t have to be a professional to do it. I write for different companies like Associated Content.

Writing can bring a steady income into your home as long as you can keep with it. I try to write an equal amount of articles every week so that I know I will have the income to pay for some of my bills.

Cleaning houses can also help you to gain a little bit of money. I wanted to start a cleaning company but after reading through the laws and all the fine print, I decided not to do this.

Instead of starting a company, I started a cleaning service on my block. I made flyers and put them on doors around my neighborhood.

I started getting calls the following week from people wanting me to clean their house. I averaged $10 an hour doing this. I set a price and then would negotiate on them according to what they wanted me to do. I still clean some houses for a few couples that are elderly and could use the assistance.

There are a lot of jobs that you can do from your home without having to travel to far. These jobs will give you some flexibility and leverage that every work at home women needs.