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Homeschool: What Do the Children Think About It?

An Interview and Overview

Recently, I have gotten many inquiries as to how my children feel about homeschool. Based on this curiosity and interest, I decided to interview my 9 and 10 year old daughters.

These children have attended both public school and school at home, so they are coming from a balanced perspective. I also home school my 3 and 4 year old, but since they have never been to public school, I felt the perspective of the older children was better suited to this experiment.

The children were interviewed separately, so there was no chance of them influencing each other’s answers. I asked the children about their general opinion on homeschool, as well as whether they still have friends, the aspect of learning, and more. Here are the questions I asked of the children, followed by their answers.

Do you like Homeschool?

9 year old: Yes

10 year old: Yes

What is your favorite part of the day during homeschool?

9 year old: field trips, because there’s a lot of them

10 year old: art, recess, field trips

Is there anything you can do in home school that you cannot do at any of the public schools you went to?

9 year old: Yes

10 year old: Yes

What are those things?

9 year old: We can start at whatever time.

10 year old: We can do any art project we want.

Do you learn more in home school or in public school?

9 year old: homeschool

10 year old: homeschool

Is it easier to learn in homeschool or in public school?

9 year old: homeschool

10 year old: homeschool

What does mom do to make it so easy to learn?

9 year old: She gives you an example.

10 year old: doesn’t hover over your work or say hurry up

Do you still have friends, even though you homeschool?

9 year old: Yes.

10 year old: Yes.

Are there more activities (like dance) in home school or in public school?

9 year old: homeschool

10 year old: homeschool

Do you think those activities help you focus more or less on learning?

9 year old: more on learning

10 year old: more

Thinking about all your answers, if the school choice was up to you, would you choose homeschool or public school?

9 year old: homeschool

10 year old: homeschool

Closing Remarks

While all children will have a different perspective on homeschooling, I feel this interview will be helpful for parents determining whether home school is something their children will enjoy and benefit from or not.

For those curious as to our style of home schooling, our approach is generally as follows. We have a scheduled amount of work that needs to be done each day. The children are free to complete their work in their desired order, with assistance as necessary.

For assignments that need to be completed as a group or in a different location (classes, field trips, etc), we must all agree on the same time. If the children are frustrated with something, they are free to ask for help, save it for figuring out later and move on to another subject, or take a break.

The only constraint we have is that all daily assignments must be completed that day. I feel this gives the children a stress-free environment in which to learn. I have found that keeping it stress-free without time-constraints or strict scheduling order actually helps the children finish everything on time and even, in many cases, early.

This leaves opportunity for extra learning, which the children enjoy, and even request many times. We have tried an organized schedule in many different ways, but have found that learning is more successful when the children get to decide which order to do their assignments in.

This interview should not be a family’s only source of research on the topic. If you are considering homeschooling your child, research all aspects and weigh the pros and cons to custom fit your family. Each family has their own needs.

If you have questions about homeschool, feel free to question the author in the comments section. In addition to reading this and other homeschool articles by this author, as well as researching this education method in other ways, the HSLDA (http://hslda.org), or Home School Legal Defense Association, will have answers to many of your questions, as well as provide you with many resources and research studies.


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