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5 Tips for Home Schooling a Teen

Advice for Success in Learning

Home schooling a child or a teen is a big undertaking, but it is well-worth the effort. However, when teens begin discovering their independence, it can be a little more challenging than teaching a younger child.

Consider the following 5 tips for home schooling a teen, and make it a fantastic learning experience for everyone concerned. Moms, dads, and even grandparents are often some of the very best teachers of all, and a little advice from those with experience can make it a little less stressful for anyone just beginning to educate their teenager at home.

1. Maintain a School Schedule and Stick to It

Public schools have strict schedules, and this can be very beneficial when home schooling a teen. If a teenager has never tried to get out of completing assignments, a schedule might not be necessary, but others require more structure. Maintain a school schedule, and stick to it.

Do not give in to requests for days off, and do not cave in to a teen that insists they will do it later. Start giving in and those types of requests will be made again and again. Choose the hours of home schooling, and sustain those hours.

Make home schooling a top priority, and maintain consistency. With some teens, giving in just one time will open up the door for arguments on scheduling and time spent studying.

2. Check the Work for the Day Each Evening

When home schooling a teen or any child, do not let a day go by without checking their work. Papers will pile up very quickly, and checking the work can mean the difference between success and failure. Also, some home schooling workbooks include an index with answers in the back.

Some parents insist their teen will not cheat, and they might not, but it is best to remove all temptation. If a teen knows their work will not really be checked by someone in charge and they will not be made truly accountable for their work, some might not try as hard as they could.

3. Insist on Corrections when Home Schooling a Teen

After checking the work of a home schooling teen, have them correct any errors the following day. In public schools students are made aware of their mistakes, and they are given grades, but they do not always learn from those mistakes.

How would a person learn from their mistakes if they are not required to look back over the work and make the necessary corrections? Go over the problems with your home schooling teen, and explain the mistakes to expand their knowledge.

4. Create an Assignment Book

An assignment book is important when home schooling a teen or a child of any age. After checking their work, write down their assignments for the following day in a designated assignment book.

This will eliminate confusion since everything will be in black and white. Excuses cannot be made for incomplete work when assignments are clearly in writing.

5. No Exceptions to Home Schooling Rules

Home schooling a teen allows lots of flexibility, as does working at home. However, as previously mentioned, it is important to set a schedule and maintain steadfast rules. A teen is more likely to succeed when expectations are made clear from the very beginning.

Stand by the rules, and make no exceptions unless an illness or an emergency occurs. When home schooling a teen, use many of the same rules as the public school, but set them according to your preference and schedule.

It will not always be easy, but it can work out better than any other option for education.

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