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Tips for Planning Summer Nature Hikes for Your Home School Co-op

If you are part of a homeschool co-op, then you probably know how much effort and energy it takes to plan summer activities for your group. Not all homeschool groups continue through the summer, but more and more parents are finding it beneficial to do so.

One thing that homeschool co-ops have found to be a lot of fun during the summer months is planning a nature hike.This is a great way for your children to get exercise, and still learn in the process. Below are a few ideas, and suggestions on how you can plan your co-ops summer nature hikes.

Find the best location in your area

Start by finding the best location to go hiking in your area. There may be a lot of parks that you do not even know about in your area. Start by doing a basic Google search of parks in your area.

Now you may not find a lot of information on the different parks in the area, so you may need to take a special trip to each one to take a look at the trails. After visiting the parks in the area make a check list about the park that is the best location for you to visit.

Parks that have educational resources

You may also be surprised to find that in your area there are a lot of educational tours and activities during the summer months. Why not go to your local parks recreation website.

This website will let you know what summer activities are planned at each park. Most of these activities are free so you do not have to worry about spending a large amount of money.

You can pick which days would be best for your homeschooling co-op to visit the park for their educational nature hike.

New Notebook needed

If you are taking your homeschooling co-op on a nature hike, it is really a good idea to give each child a new notebook. A small notebook that will enable each student to take notes on what they see.

For young kids they can easily draw a picture of the things they see along the nature walk. For older kids, they can take notes and then when they get home they can do additional research on the items that they have seen.

For example if you see unusual bugs or leaves, have each child write down some interesting information about it. For example what color it is, and if it has spots, and the shape. Each child can do a bit of research, and then share it the next time that the coop get’s together.

Take plenty of pictures

Nowadays you don’t need a special camera to capture the fun moments on the trail with your coop group. Instead you can have each of the parent’s take a nice pictures as the kids are on their hike learning.

At the end of the summer you can put all of the pictures together and make a nice scrapbook of their summer educational hike.

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