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Creating a Homeschool Schedule


Oftentimes you will hear homeschooling parents talking about how many hours they need, how often they need to have them and when to fit them in. This is why flexibility is so important here. A lot of new parents tend to overlook this and think that their children should be doing schoolwork the entire time their public school friends are. However, this is not true. In fact, this thought pattern can be both damaging and counterproductive.

The Importance Of Creating A Schedule

Whenever you first start homeschooling your children you should establish a schedule that you are willing to abide by each day. By getting into a routine it will be easier for your children to learn and there will be more structure too. This will also help your children to also get in the mindset that school is important.

Furthermore, routines will help your child to free his mind from any of the other activities around him so that he will be able to concentrate on his schoolwork. You can do this simply by setting aside a particular time each day during which he gets his assignments done.

How Many Hours You Need

The number of homeschooling hours you will need is dependent upon the curriculum that you have chosen to use and the type of learning style that best suits your child. Whenever you are dealing with subjects that are more challenging to your child, simply plan to take more time. Sometimes you will need to spend time using techniques to demonstrate what you are teaching and this will also take longer. For instance you may need to spend more time teaching an algebra lesson than you would an English lesson.

Other Things To Include In Your Schedule

Homeschooling is more than simply sitting in front of the books so that you can learn what is printed inside of them. It is also important to include time for going on fieldtrips, watching documentaries, going to the library and other things of this nature. Incorporating these activities into your learning is what will help to make it fun. Some parents will even decide to homeschool in the morning so as to have the afternoon free to take advantage of these types of activities.

In Conclusion

Regardless of how you choose to set up your homeschool schedule, it is important to keep these things in mind. The last thing you want to have happen is for your child to dread their homeschooling experience. So, do your best to keep things light and fun as much as you can.

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