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Homeschool Curriculum Review


A Closer Look at Some of the More Popular Homeschool Options

If you are wondering what options there are for your child’s education and are starting to think about possibly homeschooling, here are some ideas.

A Beka Homeschool

Based out of Pensacola Christian College, A Beka has gained a very large following of homeschool families. They offer 3 options for study. A family can sign up to receive video courses, buy traditional textbooks, or enroll in A Beka Academy. A Beka Academy has courses through the 6th grade.

If you opt to take video courses, you can choose to do independent study (keeping your own records) or signing up for the accredited program (A Beka will keep records for you and send report cards/transcripts). The traditional textbook option allows you to pick and choose which courses you want, allowing for a mix and match between homeschool curriculum.

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE)

As the name suggests, this is a Christian-based curriculum. Designed for self-study, this is a popular option among homeschool families. Each subject is broken down into 12 booklets called “paces.”

The parent has the option of enrolling the child in Lighthouse Christian Academy or teaching the subjects independently. Lighthouse Christian Academy boasts that they are regionally accredited. Their fees are clearly posted on their website.

Those that choose to enroll their child in the school receive regular progress reports and have access to standardized testing, Families pay a fee when the standardized test is administered.

Lighthouse Christian Academy also maintains permanent records and sends out transcripts as necessary. The parent is responsible for grading the child’s work and submitting the grades to Lighthouse Christian Academy.

Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega is another popular curriculum. They are not a record keeping institution; they provide only curriculum to interested familes. Alpha Omega has many formats. The traditional format was “LifePacs” – each subject being broken down into 10 booklets.

In the past few years, Alpha Omega introduced “Switched on Schoolhouse,” computer based curriculum for the ease of parents. Just recently, Alpha Omega also introduced “Monarch,” internet-based high school curriculum.

Bonus features about Monarch is “anytime study” as well as an automatic grading system. The online program automatically records and keeps grades for your convenience. With any of these, you can pick and choose; you are not locked in to using only Alpha Omega curriculum for all subjects.

Bob Jones Press

Bob Jones University also has homeschool options. They produce textbooks and guides for every subject through 12th grade. You can use whatever you want “a la carte,” or you can enroll in their Academy of Home Education (AHE). AHE is a record keeping institution, but also provides services such as a junior class trip, fine arts festival and summer camps (high school only), and a graduation ceremony held on Bob Jones University Campus.

Christian Liberty Academy

Christian Liberty Academy is a correspondence high school. They give you the option of grading your child’s work (family plan) or choosing to have Christian Liberty Academy take care of the grading for you (CLASS plan). If you choose the CLASS plan option, Christian Liberty academy will not only take care of the grading, but they will keep the records and provide transcripts/diploma. The CLASS plan also offers art and essay competitions along with some algebra tutorials.

Online schools

There are several virtual high schools and online high schools springing up over the country. These are a more modern form of correspondence schools. Check online to see if there are who service your state.

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