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Homeschooling Help: Finding Specific Subject Materials

Homeschoolers use a wide variety of books, equipment, and other materials to teach concepts and different topics. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find reasonably priced publications or programming which include the depth and detail homeschoolers desire within one certain topic.

What’s more, is that at times, certain concepts can be a bit intimidating to approach, particularly science related topics. Now there is an excellent resource for homeschooling parents to acquire inexpensive, but very useful publications which cover an array of specific topics.

The Kids Discover website has more than 100 different topics to choose from. Each topic falls into one of the five main subjects covered, which are: World History; American History & Culture; Life Science, Earth Science, and Space and Physical Science. There are also special issues developed specifically for children in grades Kindergarten through 2nd, as well as a separate set intended for students in grades 2 through 4.

The World History library at Kids Discover would be an extremely useful resource for any homeschooling family. With 33 issues currently offered in this subject, some of the best individual topics covered are: the 7 wonders of the world; the Mayans, Leonardo DaVinci, Vikings, ancient Egypt, Mummies, and Samurai.

Equally as helpful, are the titles offered within the American History & Culture category. A sample of the fun and interesting titles offered here are: Underground Railroad, Benjamin Franklin, Wright Brothers, Sacajawea, and Pioneers.

Science can be an intimidating subject for homeschooling parents, as teaching specific concepts and ideas can be a daunting task. Get some help from Kids Discover! Their Life Science titles include: Conservation, Ecology, Oceans, Rain Forests, Spiders, and Skin. The Earth Science line offered at Kids Discover includes such titles as: Climate, Extreme Weather, Glaciers, Hurricanes, Pompeii, and Ice Age. And if you wish to cover areas of Space and Physical Science, these Kids Discover titles are sure to serve you well: Atoms, Energy, Electricity, Solar System, Moon Exploration, and Bridges.

These are just a sampling of the titles offered at Kids Discover. In addition, Kids Discover has titles geared towards the Kindergarten through 4th Grade age group, such as: Measuring, Weight & Balance, Organisms, Solids & Liquids, Animals, Oceans, Forests, and Space.

Kids Discover booklets can be ordered easily, and cost $3.99 each. There are also themed sets offered ranging from $17.99 to $69.99, as well as subscription offers. Kids Discover booklets are one of the best products around for homeschooling families.

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