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The Homeschoolers Glossary: Diagnostic-Government

Did you know homeschoolers have their own language? Well, it is not exactly our own language, but there is a homeschool ‘lingo’. So that you will better understand what homeschoolers are talking about, I am providing this list of 100 words a homeschooler should know.

Diagnostic test

Diagnostic tests diagnose a child’s educational level. They are used to determine if a child has retained information they have learned and to determine if there are any holes in their education. Many states require standardized (diagnostic) test for homeschool on a regular basis.

Distance learning

Distance learning mean being educated from a source that is not local. The can mean online learning or correspondence courses.


EBook is short for electronic book. This means a book that is in a digital computer format or a handheld eBook reader. If you order and eBook online, you will not receive a hard copy in the mail, but you would immediately download an electronic copy of the book.

Eclectic Approach

An eclectic approach to homeschooling combines any number of other homeschool approaches, creating one approach that is best suited to the child and family.


Exclusive is the phrase applied to homeschool groups that require members to be of a certain faith, or have some other criteria for membership.

Field Trips

Field trips are a very important part of homeschooling as it allows student to experience hands-on learning. Field trips will include everything from trips to the park, to trips to children’s museums, to attending performances.


The GED or General Equivalency Diploma exam is a test used to determine if a person has enough knowledge to issue a diploma. This diploma states that the holder has not graduated from school traditionally, but has enough knowledge and experience that is equivalent to a person who has a high school diploma. Homeschoolers take issue to being asked to take a GED test as it assumes that they could not handle traditional education, instead the fact that they opted out.

Generation Joshua

Generation Joshua is a division of the A division of the HSLDA and is a program for students age 14-19. It teaches a civics curriculum that emphasizes patriotism, and civic involvement. It is also exclusive to conservative Christians.


Gifted is the word used to describe children who have a high intellectual ability. Giftedness is not something that can be taught. People are born with it. It is important to remember that a child’s giftedness level is not an indication of future success.

Government schools

Also called compulsory Schools, government schools are public schools. Homeschoolers use the term government schools to emphasize the fact that the government controls public schools.

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